Friday, March 6, 2015

Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Eleventh Station: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

  Jesus is nailed to the cross. With each hit of the hammer it drives the nails deeper and deeper through Jesus and the wood. Each time the hammer hits the nails our Lord cries out in pain. He is taking this pain and suffering for us. Our sins are the nails that hold Him on the cross and our sins aid in nailing Him to the cross.

   The suffering of Jesus is coming to an end. He has carried all of our sins with Him on this journey. Now He is lifted up on the cross for all around to see the Savior. He is looking down at all those who He has helped, healed, feed, gave council and taken their sins. Jesus does not curse them for what they do but says “ Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”. He asks for the forgiveness for them from His Father. How many of us could do that? How many of us could forgive those who have wronged us? 

    In the midst of suffering on the cross, Jesus still ministers to the other men on the cross. He does not turn from God, His Father, but continues on His mission of salvation of the people. How many times do we stop working in ministry because we are to tired to go on? Turn away because of the few that make it difficult for us? Leave so we can have it easier? I know I was guilty of this. It is not easy to do the work of Jesus sometimes. It is draining and challenging at times. Yet, we must go on. We have to reach those who do not know Him. Reach those who have left. Reach those who are struggling. Reach those who doubt. It will not be easy but it is rewarding and pleasing to God. 

    Sometimes we are not carrying our own cross but are being nailed to them because of what we believe. Being a Catholic is not always excepted. Our faith is nailed to the cross over things that a small portion of the clergy and laity do. Each time our faith is attacked and nailed, we are as well. I believe times will come where we have to stand taller for the faith and we are lucky in the United States where we can practice the faith openly. Think of those who are crucified and die for the faith. Each time blood is shed for the faith we must lift our heads on the cross and cry out to Jesus to help us and strengthen us and the church. 

     Whether we are carrying our crosses or being nailed to them, know that Jesus did it first. That we can turn to Him and ask Him to give us the strength to carry on and make a difference in the world. Jesus is not asking us to do anything He has not already done for us. Turn to Him. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and remember the journey you have already taken till this point and carry on. 

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