Monday, July 29, 2013

Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful 

I came across this song tonight as I was doing the blog and decided that this was something I needed to hear tonight and maybe it is what I should be posting and then tomorrow the other blog post. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and find that something beautiful in your life. 

"Something Beautiful"

In your ocean, I'm ankle deep
I feel the waves crashin' on my feet
It's like I know where I need to be
But I can't figure out, yeah I can't figure out

Just how much air I will need to breathe
When your tide rushes over me
There's only one way to figure out
Will ya let me drown, will ya let me drown

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I'm in reach
'Cause I am down on my knees, I'm waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful

And the water is risin' quick
And for years I was scared of it
We can't be sure when it will subside
So I won't leave your side, no I can't leave your side

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I'm in reach
'Cause I am down on my knees, I'm waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful

In a daydream, I couldn't live like this
I wouldn't stop until I found something beautiful
When I wake up, I know I will have
No, I still won't have what I need

Hey now, this is my desire
Consume me like a fire, 'cause I just want something beautiful
To touch me, I know that I'm in reach
'Cause I am down on my knees, I'm waiting for something beautiful
Oh, something beautiful [fade out]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013



    When I heard the song “Live with Abandon” by Newsboys, I thought that is how I want my life to be. I want to be like the Apostles that left all and turned over everything to follow Jesus. It is wanting my life to count, each and everyday with regards to the Trinity and my Catholic Faith. That “Abandon” that the songs speaks of is that complete surrender, turning everything over, and not looking back but forward. Allowing Jesus to lead and guide us.

   I have come to a place in my life, that the world itself does not fill me but instead makes me feel empty. It really has most of my life. I filled it with things and people that only seemed to satisfy me but so much of the world now makes me tired. There seems to be a trend with myself with pulling back from the world. There is a feeling of not wanting to be so wrapped up in it.  Things that I would focus on or stress over have faded. 

    There is one line of the song that hits a nerve for myself. The words “ A higher calling that I missed” have been felt for me for a long time on and off. There is a burning in my soul for a long long time that I wanted to serve Jesus and the Church. I wanted to be part of spreading the “Good News” and the Faith. Things changed and that got lost and buried for a long time. Now I wonder if that “calling” was missed and now there is something different for me. Does Jesus say “ You missed that option I had before you and now you can not go back to it” or “ You had that option and its lost”. Maybe it is not missed but still waits for me to abandon this life. 

     I am trying to discern that complete abandon in my life. Is that abandon one that brings me to the Priesthood or work within the Church? It is an internal struggle for me at this point and I want to make the choice that is right. Each one of us are called to abandon ourselves. It may not be in the same way but turning over our hearts is that key factor. 

     It is not looking back, your done with what you were doing and all that you want to do is give it all to Jesus. That is a life of abandon. What is it that you need to abandon and be able to give all to Jesus? Turn off the world and really ask yourself that and why is that holding things up for you. I know I have been doing this almost daily and day by day things become clearer. I know life has changed and some parts I have abandoned and there are still more to abandon.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and when you abandon thing of this life you will gain more from Jesus. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Live with Abandon

Live with Abandon

I heard this song today and I am just going to post the video and lyrics and wait till tomorrow to comment on the song itself and the reason why I want this to be the song for the next stage of my life. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may we all live a life of Jesus. 

Chasing after this world makes me tired
Praisin’ my own name leaves me dry
There’s gotta be so much more to life than this
A higher calling that I missed
I want my life to count, every breath
I wanna live with abandon
Give You all that I am
Every part of my heart Jesus
I place in Your hands
I wanna live with abandon
I’ll drop everything to follow You
It’s only Your hands I hold onto
There’s gotta be more to life than this
A higher calling that I missed
I want my life to count, every breath
I’m not looking back
I’m done with that
Wanna give You all I have

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Call on Prayers

Call on Prayers

   This week the seminarians of the Dioceses of Trenton will be on retreat.  I am asking that we all keep them in prayer this week and to keep all seminarians in our prayers each day. May they grow closer to their vocation.

    Also, World Youth Day starts this week on the 23rd and I again ask to keep all those who are attending the events. May they grow closer to God and their faith as the week goes on. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may we turn to prayer for those around us. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Build Your Kingdom Here

Build Your Kingdom Here

   The song "Build Your Kingdom Here" by Rend Collective Experiment is an upbeat positive song that will lift your spirits and set your soul a blaze. We all seek that connection with Jesus that makes us desire His loving and healing touch. We want to hunger and thirst for Him, who only satisfies us. The power of God is needed to pour out onto us all so we can build that Kingdom with a clean and powerful soul. The church is within all of us and withut us the church is an empty place. I have included the video and the lyrics. Hope you like it.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and be that place where the Kingdom can be built on. 

Come set Your rule and reign
In our hearts again
Increase in us we pray
Unveil why we're made
Come set our hearts ablaze with hope
Like wildfire in our very souls
Holy Spirit come invade us now
We are Your Church
We need Your power
In us

We seek Your kingdom first
We hunger and we thirst
Refuse to waste our lives
For You're our joy and prize
To see the captive hearts released
The hurt; the sick; the poor at peace
We lay down our lives for Heaven's cause
We are Your church
We pray revive
This Earth

Build Your kingdom here
Let the darkness fear
Show Your mighty hand
Heal our streets and land
Set Your church on fire
Win this nation back
Change the atmosphere
Build Your kingdom here
We pray

Unleash Your kingdom's power
Reaching the near and far
No force of hell can stop
Your beauty changing hearts
You made us for much more than this
Awake the kingdom seed in us
Fill us with the strength and love of Christ
We are Your church
We are the hope 
On Earth

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Preaching to the Choir"

"Preaching to the Choir"

   How many time have you heard the phrase " Your preaching to the choir"? I bet you have even said it yourself. The phrase can make one feel that they are wasting their time or the message is lost to those who already know it. In reality, especially in this day and age, we can not assume it is the case. Just because we see someone in church or in ministries it does not mean they got the massage or that they do not need to hear it. 

     The assumption is that those outside of the church need the message more then those in but let's face the facts. For people to have left the church, they had to be in the church first to do so. They were part of that choir that we speak about when we say that phrase. I am not saying that we do not need to go out and spread the Gospel but as we go out make sure we have people left back to preach it to the choir as well. Jesus did go out after the lost sheep, but He also left the other sheep together as a group as well. We are to help guide one another as well. What do we gain if we bring one in as one leaves? It is the mission to go out and also keep the choir in the meantime. 

    The other area is that how can we go out and evangelize unless we are first evangelized ourselves? If the body of the church is not nourished spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally then how do we expect those to go out and be able to do and preach the faith? If we do not organize the choir, give them the songs sheets, then what can we really expect of them. Come Sunday the "people of the choir " will sing whatever each one thinks, some may show up late or not at all, go off and get the songs from someone else or just stand there and not sing. If that's the case then why have a choir? 

     Just because someone comes to mass, goes to a prayer group, belongs to a ministry etc.... It does not mean that they are good to go and no care is needed. When that seed is planted and the roots take hold, the gardener doesn't say “ok my job is done”. The plant needed the same care as it did before. It must be watered, weeds need to be cleared, soil needs to be nourished. If these things are not done then the plant dies. It is the same for the faith of us all. If it is not taken care of then it may start to die. When this starts people can leave the church and even look for another church to cultivate their faith. 

    It is more then just getting the pews filled. It is about the hearts in the pews being opened to the Trinity, the Eucharist, Mary, Reconciliation, the Saints and the Faith itself. This is not a mission of numbers but a mission of conversions of the Mind, Heart and Soul. It is a dual mission that is inside the walls and outside of the church. One is not more important then the other. Each one of us can aid in this mission. 

      I have been looking around at those at mass, adoration, benediction and what I see is the past, the future and present day church and each has their own faith journey. We all bring the body of the church into action and with that our Faith. We all need to be reminded at times the missions of the Faith. To grow in faith, we must work on it and how else do we get that but through being part of that “choir” or the one preaching to it. 

     The last thing I will say is this:
      Did Jesus say to the twelve Apostles “ Ok, you guys have heard me preach before so you stay here and I will talk to them over there” or to the people who followed Jesus “ Listen, you heard this before, you all are ok and good to go. No reason to hear it again”. Of course NOT.... and why is that? It is because we all need to be reminded, learn more, go deeper, strengthen the faith, hold onto the message, and hear Him in our hearts. There is no preaching to the choir to me anymore. It is just helping my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ so that we all can be strength to preach the Good News inside and outside of the church. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may all the choirs sing of the Good News. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Warning Labels

Warning Labels

     I am starting to think that Warning Labels should be placed outside the Church doors, adoration chapels, on rosaries, and the bible. It should say for both the Church and Adoration Chapel : 

Warning: Entering here may cause your life to change. You may seek a deeper connection with Jesus and your faith. The more you attend these during the week the deeper that connection may get and you may experience an unquenchable thirst for The Holy Trinity and Your Faith. These side effects are not life threatening but will cause an everlasting life with in your soul. Enter at your own souls salvation. 

For the Rosary, Reading the Bible or any other devotion it should say:

Warning: Using these items or reading prayers may cause you to seek the guidance of those who have gone before you in the Faith. You may seek to get closer to these people (saints) to aid you in your journey to Heaven. These relationships may lift up your prayers to the heavens so be careful as to what you are praying for. The more you seek guidance the closer your soul will be to heaven. 

     We often think that warning labels tell us what dangers there are using or taking something but in reality they are used to prepare us for what is to come or what to watch out for. These “Warning Labels” are not to keep people away but to let them understand the power that they serve to bring us closer to the Trinity, our Faith and in the end, to Heaven. As Catholics, we have this great arsenal to protect our souls from being taken and becoming part of the world. With in each of these things we are able to use and call upon the power of the Trinity, Our Mother Mary, Our Faith and the Saints to stand before us, behind us and most importantly within us and keep us moving on the path of salvation. 

     In the case of “warning” it is to say “these are not your ordinary, but the extraordinary gifts of the faith.” Using the gifts of the Faith will change your life, if you are open. We have to be prepared for these things to happen so we do not overlook or underestimate the power of the Faith. When that stirring comes from within you, you need to know that it is the Holy Spirit moving and working and if you do not know this may happen then it will be explained away. It allows us the chance to embrace what is possible and know that it is not just us but Someone Greater then us. 

     Next time when you enter mass, go to adoration, read from the bible, pray to the saints or anything you do that is an expression of the Catholic Faith, stop ..... pause.... and think about the power that is before you, the power with in the words you read or say, or the power within your hands. Think about how all of those things have changed, moved, shaped and redirected your life. The Catholic Faith gives us the most powerful of all things in the Eucharist and from that summit many others that can lead us to heaven. Remember to stop, pause, and see the power.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and remember you were warned of the power that is at all of our grasps. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

God Sees / You See

God Sees / You See

   Who am I? Have you ever really sat down and answered that question? How about have you ever prayed about that question? If you have did you get to see the full version of yourself or was it just a partial vision? Were you able to see the full story of yourself or just small scenes of yourself? It is hard to see who we truly are because we are more critical about ourselves then those around us. People we come in contact see just a small sample of ourselves when we interact with them or even as they just pass by. Family and Friends see a deeper long version of ourselves. God is the only one who see’s all parts of ourselves. He knows what we are capable to do and become. 

    Have you ever had someone say something to you that gave you pause and said in reply “ you really think so” or  “oh, no no not me”? Yet, later on when you are alone you think about what they said? Those are the times when you really need to search yourself and see why they thought that. It can be either negative or positive. It does not matter either way but think about what they said because there is a reason why they said what they said. For myself I have a hard time understanding why people would see a certain way because I just do not see it. It tends to be more of the positive things that I do not see as others do. Those thoughts of self doubt holds us back from being what God sees us as or to be. We are not always that person we see in the mirror, God sees a deeper more personal version then we see. 

     When we are setting off on the path that lies before we may feel that we are not worthy or good enough to turn down some of those paths we see because we feel that a different kind of person should go down that path. If the path is before you, then God intended it to be there for a reason. It does not mean that path s your vocation but maybe a way to build yourself up and see the person who God sees. God calls us to a personal journey with Him. I know myself that I have said to Him “ No, no God, You have the wrong man for this.” or “ This is not who I am God”. He pushes me to see what lies within my own heart and soul. He sees a better me then I feel I am. He asks me to go places in my heart and soul so I may see what seeds have taken route and what ones are ready to be harvested. At times what I see before me is not what I thought took root, let alone ready to be harvested. 

    I know I have only started to see this version of me that God sees when I have stared down that path to a deeper connection with Him. I have been able to hear Him pointing out areas of my life that are better then I thought. God is showing me what He sees by using others to speak what they see before them. Through daily mass and adoration I am starting to see a different version and clearer sense of what He sees. When you are in prayer seek and ask to see who He sees. Try and remember what you are shown because that who you are in Our Heavenly Father’s Eyes.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may we all see ourselves as God does. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Prayers Needed

Prayers Needed

With the verdict in from the Zimmerman case, I am asking that we pray that there is no social unrest, that we are all able to move past this and not allow this to pull us apart as a community. This is not to say we agree or disagree with the verdict but join in unity for peace and being able to move forward without any more pain and violence. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may peace be on everyone's  heart. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How He Loves

How He Loves

David Crowder Band song "How He Loves" is a gut wrenching song that comes from the soul. It shows the depth of where His love comes from and how it builds us up when we are down. His love over shadows our afflictions. I have included the video and lyrics below. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and allow His love into your soul. 

He is jealous for me, 
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, 
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.
When all of a sudden, 
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, 
And I realise just how beautiful You are, 
And how great Your affections are for me.

And oh, how He loves us oh, 
Oh how He loves us, 
How He loves us all

He is jealous for me, 
Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, 
Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.
When all of a sudden, 
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, 
And I realise just how beautiful You are, 
And how great Your affections are for me.

Oh how he loves, 
Yeah, He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves.

And we are His portion and He is our prize, 
Drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes, 
If His grace is an ocean, we're all sinking.
And Heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss, 
And my heart turns violently inside of my chest, 
I don't have time to maintain these regrets, 
When I think about, the way... 

Oh, how He loves us oh, 
Oh how He loves us, 
How He loves us all
How He loves

Yeah, He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us, 
Oh how He loves.
Oh what love

Yeah, He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us, 
Oh! how He loves us so.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Anima Christi

 The Anima Christi 

  I came across the prayer of  The Anima Christi today. It is a great prayer to say after receiving the most Holy Eucharist. It is a medieval prayer from the early fourteenth century. I have included both the English form and the Latin form.  The  Anima Christi means “ Soul of Christ”. I hope that you will find  both versions of the prayer comforting.

Soul of Christ, sanctify me 
Body of Christ, save me 
Blood of Christ, inebriate me 
Water from Christ's side, wash me 
Passion of Christ, strengthen me 
O good Jesus, hear me 
Within Thy wounds hide me 
Suffer me not to be separated from Thee 
From the malicious enemy defend me 
In the hour of my death call me 
And bid me come unto Thee 
That I may praise Thee with Thy saints 
and with Thy angels 
Forever and ever 

Anima Christi, sanctifica me.
Corpus Christi, salva me.
Sanguis Christi, inebria me.
Aqua lateris Christi, lava me.
Passio Christi, conforta me.
O bone Jesu, exaudi me.
Intra tua vulnera absconde me.
Ne permittas me separari a te.
Ab hoste maligno defende me.
In hora mortis meae voca me.
Et iube me venire ad te,
Ut cum Sanctis tuis laudem te.
In saecula saeculorum.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may the Soul of Christ sanctify you.

Sunday, July 7, 2013



Thomas, called Didymus, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples said to him, “We have seen the Lord.” But he said to them, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger into the nailmarks and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” Now a week later his disciples were again inside and Thomas was with them. Jesus came, although the doors were locked, and stood in their midst and said, “Peace be with you.” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands, and bring your hand and put it into my side, and do not be unbelieving, but believe.” Thomas answered and said to him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” ~ John 20:24-28

    On July 3rd we celebrated the Feast of St. Thomas the apostle. He is best known as “Doubting Thomas”. Thomas had to see Jesus for himself for him to believe that Jesus was risen from the dead. Then when he saw Jesus, he called out “ My Lord and my God” (John 20:28).  Are you or were a “Doubting Thomas”? There is more to it then just not believing in Jesus or not believing in the power of Jesus. There are other elements that makes many of us doubt at times. I know for myself there have been clear times where I doubted Jesus in my life, not the existence of Jesus but the power of Him. 

     When we think of Thomas we think of the man who had “to see to believe”. That even though others gave witness to the risen Lord it just was not good enough for him. He had to see Jesus for himself. This is not the case for many of us today. We do not have to see Jesus to believe in Him but to what extent do we believe? Do you believe that Jesus is present when two or more are gathered in His name? Do you believe that Jesus is in the most Holy Eucharist in His whole Body and Blood? If we truly believe this then we must enter into communion with Jesus with the right mindset, open heart and pure of soul.  That as we prepare ourself to enter into that communion we are showing the depth of our belief in Jesus’ presence. 

     Where I feel that a lot of the areas of doubt of Jesus is where we do not put the trust and turns things over to Jesus. I know this is a great area for myself. When we keep those things that bother us, hurt us, or try and control we are, to a degree, having doubts about what Jesus can do with them and what He can do through us with those problems. When we do not turn and offer them to Jesus we are saying that we doubt that He can help us or take those things from us. We need to pray to Jesus and ask for His guidance and intercession for us in the life. Sometimes we keep areas of our lives from Jesus and do not allow Him to enter into our lives fully. In this action we again place doubt that Jesus will understand or heal those areas of our lives. To allow Jesus to fully enter our lives and allow Him to heal and guide us, shows the unyielding trust and love we have for Jesus. When we enter the confessional are we open or speak in generalities? Are we exposing ourselves so that Jesus can enter and forgive all areas of our lives? If we are not then we are doubting His unconditional forgiveness. To be a “Doubting Thomas” does not just mean you do not believe in Jesus but it can be those doubts of His unconditional forgiveness, the power of His healing, the unyielding love for you, and the caring of our decisions of our life.

    The great thing about Thomas was that once he saw Jesus, He called out to Him and declared Jesus, “My Lord and My God”. We can do that when we shed those doubts and declare that Jesus is “ My Lord and My God”. Jesus wants to hear those five words. When we say them we are casting our doubts into the depths of the oceans so we are able to rise and proclaim all that Jesus has done for us, in us and through us. Our faith will grow deeper each and every time we cry out those words to Jesus. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may those chains doubt be cast off and then be able to cry out “ My Lord and My God”. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lumen fidei

 Lumen fidei

   On Friday, Pope Francis released the Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei. There are many points that I will add from time to time in the blog and discuss them but one prayer stood out to me. It is a prayer to Our Blessed Mother. It sums up what I think we all need to keep us on the path to Jesus and what we are called to be in our lives. I have listed it below and also I have linked the Full Encyclical Letter for you to read by clicking : Lumen fidei. It is something that we all should read to help deepen our faith. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may you find your light alone in Jesus. 

Let us turn in prayer to Mary, Mother of the Church and Mother of our faith. 

Mother, help our faith! 
Open our ears to hear God’s word and to recognize his voice and call. 
Awaken in us a desire to follow in his footsteps, to go forth from our own land and to receive his promise. 
Help us to be touched by his love, that we may touch him in faith. 
Help us to entrust ourselves fully to him and to believe in his love, especially at times of trial, beneath the shadow of the cross, when our faith is called to mature. 
Sow in our faith the joy of the Risen One. 
Remind us that those who believe are never alone. 
Teach us to see all things with the eyes of Jesus, that he may be light for our path. And may this light of faith always increase in us, until the dawn of that undying day which is Christ himself, your Son, our Lord!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 4th and Fortnight for Freedom

July 4th and Fortnight for Freedom

     As we celebrate the 4th of July as our independence from England, let us also keep in prayer today the end of the two week Fortnight For Freedom. Even though it is ending,  we must continue the prayers for our Religious Freedom in our great country.  Say a rosary, add in an extra Our Father or Hail Mary each and everyday for our rights. This is not a time to sit back because our freedom will be taken away not in a grand sweeping way but in the minor ways. By this way it will not seem to be gone until you stop and remember the way it was verse now.        

     Think, there was a  time when kids prayed in school, the manger was on government lawns, there was no moment of silence but a vocal prayer....etc Those thing were taken slowly but a minor group of people. As Catholic we must and should stand for our freedom. The freedom of the unborn and the sick. We need to keep the sanctity of marriage and life. Speak out about a medical program where people are forced to go against their moral and ethical codes. We need to stand as United as those who are against our beliefs do each and every day. 

 Until tomorrow, God Bless, and my our freedom ring from every church in this great land.           

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Jesus Feed

The Jesus Feed

“He said to them, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.” ~ Mark 16:15

   Any of us who have Facebook or watch the news knows the term “ News Feed”. It keep us in the “know” and the “now”  with the world and on Facebook our friends, families, stars, interests etc... So, what about the “Jesus Feed”? I will explain this over the next few paragraphs but first I am asking for you to keep an open and imaginative mind. Maybe also some latitude as well for the next few paragraphs. 

   We live in a world where anything and everything can be out for the world to see within seconds of it happening and even live.  It can range from pictures and video of a war or conflict to a picture of the dessert that looks just to good to eat right away. Yes, I know it is a huge difference but this is the world we live in. There is a constant feed of information and photos traveling all around us to our phones, computers and tv. It is a social media world that we live in. From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram the world is there for our viewing and reading no matter where we are or where it is happening. I know I scroll down on Facebook’s News Feed to see what is going on with friends, family and what I “liked”. Now, imagine, if Jesus and the Early Church had the social media outlets we have today. 

    This is where I am asking for that latitude and open mind. There is no disrespect at the event of which I include but look at it from todays view. You would have had tweets and status updates from the wise men about their travels. The shepherds would have their status saying “ A Savior is Born” and that would have been sent around the world in a second. People would have “checked in” at the Sermon on Mount. People would have taken pictures with instagram of the gathering of the loves and fishes and even the waiters would have taken pictures of the miracle of wine at the Wedding of Canna. Paul’s updating his information to Christian. Peter’s status updates about the Church.  Let us even go back before Jesus, Noah blogging how much he hates the rain and the problems with the animals. Jonah tweeting about being stuck in a whale. Lot changing his status from living in Sodom. Joseph blogging about his dreams and last Moses blogging about the plagues and trip into the desert. What I am getting at is think how all those who followed God could have and would have used all ways to get His message across and how today we should be doing this for them. 

    We have the opportunity to be able to spread the Bible, Jesus’s Messages, the Faith, our Beliefs through social media. It is the quickest and easiest way to get it out to people around us and to the other side of the world.  We should be using social media for “The Jesus Feed”. Spread the “Good News” of Jesus via your twitter account. Update your status with a quote of a Saint. “Check in” at a church or adoration. Take a picture of a church or cross and upload it to your Tumbler account or instagram account.  These message or pictures may be the only message of God some people will ever see or read. Not everyone will step into a church or pick up a bible to get that message. Social media is there for us to use as another form of out reach to those who are outside of the faith or away from God. Yes, social media does have its problems and are not always used for the good. That makes it more of the reason to use it. We have to be that counter to the darkness and hurt that it can be. Use it to be a light in a world where darkness settles in. Some people may not like to see or read it and you are opening yourself to comments but know that you are spreading the message you need to be. Let people know what you are doing and how it is just as part of your life as other things you post. Let your social media outlets be the reflection of who you are and who you want to be. This can change peoples lives as you share your day.

  Using social media can also keep us united as a people of faith and be used to strengthen us as well. Pope Francis has a twitter account as well as the Vatican having a Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Flickr account and several other social media outlets. What does that tell us as a church? That we are to use whatever means we have to stay connected with the church and our brothers and sisters in Christ. As a community of believers we can also be a social media church. We can use it to create pages that promote our Parishes, the Ministries, the Faith, and Prayers. Parishes can promote what they are doing like Adoration, Benediction, Mass times, Confession, etc.... to those who do not belong to their parish or those who did not take a bulletin. Ministries promote what they do, when they meet and can even use it for prayers for its members. It can be a way for us as a community to post our prayer requests and more can pray for us from the second it is posted verse waiting for it to be in the bulletin or mentioned at the next meeting. By using social media, we can expand the sunday community to be a 24/7 community.  The Universal Catholic Church can get a boost from Social Media and by that the faith of the community. 

   Social Media is not perfect by any means but it message is greater then the problems. It just means we have to be watchful and pay attention to what is being put out there and be ready to answer any comments that come our way, are we not to be doing that anyway without using social media?  To watch our actions and what we say and be ready to defend our faith. Those who do not agree or believe in God have no problem sending their message through social media, so we do we stand silent and not use the weapon they use for good.

    We can get the message of Jesus to people’s phones and computers in seconds using these avenues. We can lift up or be lifted up in prayers in a matter of seconds. We can defend our beliefs and the truth of the faith in seconds. These are the things that can be done in a simple and quick way. They may start a spark in someone that can change their lives and change their hearts. Jesus used parables and told stories to get His message across and to the most people. Why not use social media to get the faith, prayers, church and the Trinity out there?  Saint Francis of Assisi said “ Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” Well, maybe, just maybe we can Preach the Gospel 24/7 with using Social Media. Let us create that “Jesus Feed” because it is not just messages but messages that can feed our souls and those of others. It will be a spiritual feed that nourishes the hearts and souls and change some hearts and minds. Is it not what we are called to do? 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may your status updates show that you are a child of God and will reflect the Good News in the world.