Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 4th and Fortnight for Freedom

July 4th and Fortnight for Freedom

     As we celebrate the 4th of July as our independence from England, let us also keep in prayer today the end of the two week Fortnight For Freedom. Even though it is ending,  we must continue the prayers for our Religious Freedom in our great country.  Say a rosary, add in an extra Our Father or Hail Mary each and everyday for our rights. This is not a time to sit back because our freedom will be taken away not in a grand sweeping way but in the minor ways. By this way it will not seem to be gone until you stop and remember the way it was verse now.        

     Think, there was a  time when kids prayed in school, the manger was on government lawns, there was no moment of silence but a vocal prayer....etc Those thing were taken slowly but a minor group of people. As Catholic we must and should stand for our freedom. The freedom of the unborn and the sick. We need to keep the sanctity of marriage and life. Speak out about a medical program where people are forced to go against their moral and ethical codes. We need to stand as United as those who are against our beliefs do each and every day. 

 Until tomorrow, God Bless, and my our freedom ring from every church in this great land.           

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