Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Warning Labels

Warning Labels

     I am starting to think that Warning Labels should be placed outside the Church doors, adoration chapels, on rosaries, and the bible. It should say for both the Church and Adoration Chapel : 

Warning: Entering here may cause your life to change. You may seek a deeper connection with Jesus and your faith. The more you attend these during the week the deeper that connection may get and you may experience an unquenchable thirst for The Holy Trinity and Your Faith. These side effects are not life threatening but will cause an everlasting life with in your soul. Enter at your own souls salvation. 

For the Rosary, Reading the Bible or any other devotion it should say:

Warning: Using these items or reading prayers may cause you to seek the guidance of those who have gone before you in the Faith. You may seek to get closer to these people (saints) to aid you in your journey to Heaven. These relationships may lift up your prayers to the heavens so be careful as to what you are praying for. The more you seek guidance the closer your soul will be to heaven. 

     We often think that warning labels tell us what dangers there are using or taking something but in reality they are used to prepare us for what is to come or what to watch out for. These “Warning Labels” are not to keep people away but to let them understand the power that they serve to bring us closer to the Trinity, our Faith and in the end, to Heaven. As Catholics, we have this great arsenal to protect our souls from being taken and becoming part of the world. With in each of these things we are able to use and call upon the power of the Trinity, Our Mother Mary, Our Faith and the Saints to stand before us, behind us and most importantly within us and keep us moving on the path of salvation. 

     In the case of “warning” it is to say “these are not your ordinary, but the extraordinary gifts of the faith.” Using the gifts of the Faith will change your life, if you are open. We have to be prepared for these things to happen so we do not overlook or underestimate the power of the Faith. When that stirring comes from within you, you need to know that it is the Holy Spirit moving and working and if you do not know this may happen then it will be explained away. It allows us the chance to embrace what is possible and know that it is not just us but Someone Greater then us. 

     Next time when you enter mass, go to adoration, read from the bible, pray to the saints or anything you do that is an expression of the Catholic Faith, stop ..... pause.... and think about the power that is before you, the power with in the words you read or say, or the power within your hands. Think about how all of those things have changed, moved, shaped and redirected your life. The Catholic Faith gives us the most powerful of all things in the Eucharist and from that summit many others that can lead us to heaven. Remember to stop, pause, and see the power.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and remember you were warned of the power that is at all of our grasps. 

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