Monday, July 15, 2013

God Sees / You See

God Sees / You See

   Who am I? Have you ever really sat down and answered that question? How about have you ever prayed about that question? If you have did you get to see the full version of yourself or was it just a partial vision? Were you able to see the full story of yourself or just small scenes of yourself? It is hard to see who we truly are because we are more critical about ourselves then those around us. People we come in contact see just a small sample of ourselves when we interact with them or even as they just pass by. Family and Friends see a deeper long version of ourselves. God is the only one who see’s all parts of ourselves. He knows what we are capable to do and become. 

    Have you ever had someone say something to you that gave you pause and said in reply “ you really think so” or  “oh, no no not me”? Yet, later on when you are alone you think about what they said? Those are the times when you really need to search yourself and see why they thought that. It can be either negative or positive. It does not matter either way but think about what they said because there is a reason why they said what they said. For myself I have a hard time understanding why people would see a certain way because I just do not see it. It tends to be more of the positive things that I do not see as others do. Those thoughts of self doubt holds us back from being what God sees us as or to be. We are not always that person we see in the mirror, God sees a deeper more personal version then we see. 

     When we are setting off on the path that lies before we may feel that we are not worthy or good enough to turn down some of those paths we see because we feel that a different kind of person should go down that path. If the path is before you, then God intended it to be there for a reason. It does not mean that path s your vocation but maybe a way to build yourself up and see the person who God sees. God calls us to a personal journey with Him. I know myself that I have said to Him “ No, no God, You have the wrong man for this.” or “ This is not who I am God”. He pushes me to see what lies within my own heart and soul. He sees a better me then I feel I am. He asks me to go places in my heart and soul so I may see what seeds have taken route and what ones are ready to be harvested. At times what I see before me is not what I thought took root, let alone ready to be harvested. 

    I know I have only started to see this version of me that God sees when I have stared down that path to a deeper connection with Him. I have been able to hear Him pointing out areas of my life that are better then I thought. God is showing me what He sees by using others to speak what they see before them. Through daily mass and adoration I am starting to see a different version and clearer sense of what He sees. When you are in prayer seek and ask to see who He sees. Try and remember what you are shown because that who you are in Our Heavenly Father’s Eyes.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may we all see ourselves as God does. 

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