Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So, Now What?

So, Now What?

Lent is over and so is the Triduum. So now what?.. Well first I have to say sorry that I have not been posting as much and that was due to being extremely busy the past week with everything at church. Also for the beginning of Holy Week between work and attending the Chrism Mass, Bible Study and decorating. I am still taking last week all in. I must start with it was truly an amazing week. One of the best Holy Weeks. 

    Over the next few days I am going to be blogging on the week and the lessons and reflections of it all. There were many moments last week that I was in situations where I stopped and could not believe how awesome it was. I really tried each day to truly keep myself present in the the moment and not of what else I had to do or what was to come next. I tend at times to get so caught up in what is to be and neglect the here and now. With doing this I really learned a lot this week and enjoyed the experiences that occurred. 

    Tonight was the last of the bible study on the sacraments. It was fitting that the last one was Holy Orders for me tonight. The Priesthood was in full effect this past week and that will be the first reflection tomorrow in the blog. Tonight I just want to ask for prayers for all those who are discerning the Priesthood, those who are Seminarians and of course, for Our Priests. With out our Priests we would lose the Eucharist. Thank You for doing this and please always pray for these men. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and pray for the Priesthood and Vocations. 

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