Thursday, August 22, 2013

Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know

  Last week when I was away on Vacation, I was up in the mountains / country and each night saw the greatest sunsets. The picture was taken looking down to the setting sun. As the sun set I got that full sense of the passage that says “ Be still and know I am God” ~ Psalms 46:11. I could not see all that was before, all the beauty, majesty, and power and not feel God before me. 

    My life is one that is on the go. It is rare that I am not doing something or looking for something to do. I have no problems going to work, then to meetings or events everyday of the week. I was able to put all that aside last week and just took that time to appreciate all things around me. As I watched the sun set, so did my anxieties and stress over some decisions in my life. A calm feeling came over me as I felt that things were out of my control and that God was in charge. 

     It is hard to “Let Go” and “Let God” at times. I like to hold on to that control but once you see the big picture before you, you see things in perspective. Turning things over to God makes for a less stress of a life. It does not mean its stress free but that He can help you stop and take a deep breath and lower that stress. God wants us to turn to Him and turn over our problems and decisions. 

      Look around you and see all that God has created. Take that time to see God in everything. Then stop and be still and know He is God. God that created all and that you are part of His creation. Each of those things are to Glorify God and as His greatest creation we are to honor and glorify Him in our days. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and “Be still and know”. 

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