Wednesday, August 7, 2013



   Last week, when I was away for my first night my water pipe burst from the main line into my home. Lucky enough there was no damage inside the house but it got me thinking. There was no way for me to prepare for this or prevent this from happening because the pipe is out of sight and below ground about three feet. So, unless I dig all around the pipe there is no way to tell what is going on. The same can be said for sin in our lives. Sometimes sins run deep in our souls and we do not know all the damage is going on until something major happens. 

    Sin erodes deep in our souls and does damage everyday. If we do not fully examine and dig deep we may not even know there is a problem at all. There is no way I could tell how long there was a problem with the pipe or even if it just burst or it was a slow leak that got worse. Sin can also take that slow turn at eroding our souls or a great attack on the soul that causes our spiritual life to burst. When the sin starts to erode the soul and the spiritual life, the chance for a burst can happen with the slightest force of pressure.  While at other times that same force would do nothing to the soul because it is intact and not compromised. 

    A way to know what is going on deep within your soul, is to pray. Ask God to reveal those things that bind your soul. Those things that take away from your spiritual world. Ask to see any anger or hate that lies deep in you. Stay consistent in this prayer. Make it part of your daily prayers by asking for that spiritual sight. Also a way to see is to be honest with yourself. Sin is in everyones life in one form or another and by denying it, will cause that erosion. It is not always easy to identify sin because the Devil masks sin with things like pleasure, joy, self gratitude, accomplishments, justification, etc.... This is why sin can last as long as it does. Satan uses those things to confuse you and allow you to think all is fine. It is only through prayer and being honest with yourself that all those things can come to light and help stop that erosion process. 

    It is very easy to go through this world without checking on your spiritual soul because at the surface all seem fine. You go to mass, you read scripture, you attend adoration, etc... but even with all that at the surface there can be sin that has found its way to your soul and starts to slowly erode and cause damage. We are able to react when something comes full force at us but the most danger comes from those things that slowly work and fools us. Do not let the life of complacency fool you. Challenge your soul and be honest when you examine your conscience. Just because it seems fine does not always mean it is. Dig deep and be honest.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may you always search for honesty within your soul. 

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