Friday, November 15, 2013

Maze of Life

Maze of Life

   I have always liked mazes, even as a child I always like figuring them out. I also like making them for people to solve as a child. Now as an adult, the only mazes I seem to solve is the ones that lead me to the Trinity and my Faith. This kind of maze is not like others where you find your way out of the maze but you find the center of who you are and that is where the Trinity resides along with the Faith. 

    Why not the maze where you get out and that out is Heaven from this life? Well, if the Trinity and the Faith is not in the center of your life then the “way out” may not be bringing you to heaven. This is why in the maze of life we have to search for that center of our lives. That core of who we are and what makes us, us. When I am removed from that center or better yet venture out to explore more of that maze, I feel a loss of a part of myself. I never understood what was missing when I left and went about my life but once you come back to the center and you realize what it is that was missing you will find that “peace” that fills your center. 

    I would even go further and say that after you reach that center you have to leave and find your way out, but the difference now is that you have to bring that center with you. You do that by leading that “Holy Life” that we are all called to live. You bring that light of Christ and Faith with you to help lead you in the paths of life. The problems comes when we want to head down those paths and not take the “light” to help guide us. A light will shine down a path and you can see what is ahead of you, but when you don’t use that light then you can not see what is ahead of you and prepare for what is to come. We can easily get lost in that darkness and if we are not careful find that way out of the maze without that light and walk right into an eternal darkness. 

    When we find that center of our lives in the Trinity, the Faith and the Catholic Church, we are able to go forth and shed the light before us. By doing this we not only help ourselves but also help others along the way. This is the mark of true discipleship. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may you find the center of your life maze. 

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