Friday, November 8, 2013

New Start

New Start

    How many times have you said something like “ Ok... Time to start taking my faith serious.. and I am going to put the effort  in this time.” To just kind of start and it goes by the wayside just as quick as you started. This happen to a lot of us. The reason I am saying that is because the Catholic Church Calendar is coming to an end and in just a few weeks we start a new one with the start of Advent. We start to prepare for the coming of Jesus. This is a perfect time to start the “church year” off with preparing a spot in your heart and soul for Jesus for the new year.  This is that time when you can start and with advent being just four weeks, you can set some short times goals. 

    The first thing to start with is asking yourself “ What is it that you feel is lacking and makes you feel you are not taking it as serious as you want to be?” Then what is holding you back from doing it? Be honest with yourself. Write all these things down. I would go even as far as saying do a pro and con list to each thing you want to do. What do you hope to gain from it and also what can prevent you from doing it? 

     Before going on, I have to ask you to ask yourself this question also “ Am I doing this because this is what I want or because it is something I see others doing and feel I should be?” The reason I am asking that is because knowing why you want to do something gives you more motivation to accomplishing it. When we put pressure on ourselves because of others we tend not to fully get into it or end up giving up on it. It is hard to see sometimes because prayer is always good and when it is done with that open heart then we will see the benefits or fruits in our lives. You can not go wrong with prayer but if you are not being open and honest then you can miss those benefits. 

      Do not compare your own “prayer/devotional” life to another. Nothing good will come from that.  You know I would love to have the prayer conviction, bible reading, adoration going, etc.. that people think I have. It is not that I say I do it and don’t but its more that we all have views on what others do or do not do and it is rare that we are right. We “assume” a lot of things because we, for the most part, are on the outside watching people. We are not there all the time to see the whole picture. I struggle with prayer at times. I find it hard to turn off the world and seek God in the silence. Granted I think I fear that time a bit, but thats for another blog. 

     We have a chance to start a new time in a few weeks so why not take the time to re-evaluate how things are going and see what changes can be made. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and be true to yourself so the truth can be seen. 

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