Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Next Chapter

Next Chapter

 When you are reading a book, have you ever looked to see how long till the end of the chapter? You are so into the book that you just want to get to the next chapter and see what is going to happen next? When you notice that its just a few pages away you read just a bit faster or even as much as your eyes want to close to sleep you just keep pushing along to get those last few done so tomorrow you can start that new chapter? I certainly have and that sums u my life at this point. Just want to get onto the next chapter. 

    Last week was the seminarian retreat for the dioceses and this past Monday I returned to work for my last two weeks. At this point I have 7 days left at my job and on Monday I felt that it really is time for me to move on. That I am ready to move onto my next chapter. I am excited and yet nervous about what is to come. Even though I know its time, there is that sense of bitter sweetness. It is that sense of leaving what you know  to what you do not. The past few months really have been a transition and a blending of endings and beginnings. Meeting new people and having new experiences to packing, moving and letting go of things. Some parts have been hard and others easy. 

    I thought me moving would have been the start of that new chapter but it really is the ending of my job. That is the last thing that holds me to this chapter of my life. I could not continue with my vocation until I walk out the doors at 3 PM next Friday. Pulling out of the driveway and seeing my job in my rear view mirror will be interesting. The second I pull away, the chapter ends, and a new one starts. Then it starts with just another countdown till I move into the seminary. At times I still can not believe I am moving to Philly and going to the seminary. Life certainly will be different for me. 

   I really do not know what to expect or even how “different” life will be. For once I am just going to go with it and enjoy this time of transition until that new chapter really starts gearing up. 

Until next time, God Bless, and enjoy each chapter in your life. 

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