Monday, July 20, 2015

Seminarian Retreat

Seminarian Retreat

   It is just a few hours till I get in my car and drive to the Seminarian Retreat for the Diocese of Trenton. It is unreal to say the least. Last year at this time I really did not see this being in my future. Thought that it was not to be. Now, a year later I pack my bags and will be heading off for the retreat. As that saying goes “ All things are possible with God”. It is sad but I really do need to keep reminding myself of that quote to often. I see it for others but really do not apply that to myself at times. 

     It is hard to say what I am feeling. Well, to pin point what I am feeling anyway. That seems to be the norm for this past year really. It is a mix of feelings and many happening at the same time. Even extremes of emotions like excited yet nervous, scared but ready..etc.. I have learned more to just go with the feelings then control them or even try and understand them. Must admit that it is a bit freeing at times to just let it go and be in the moment. Not to try and look ahead and lose what is in front or me. A priest said to me about this journey “ Where is the lamp to be placed? Is it at your feet or your head? If by the head it lights the room but when it is at your feet you only see so far ahead. Stay focused as the bible says “ Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path”. We are to stay focused on where we are at that time and for us to see where we will go we must take that step and continue on. You will only see so far and have to trust what is ahead of you and think if you saw the whole journey and not see how God helped you during the hard times think how many times you would just stand in one spot and never move?”

   This week will be that step and I can not wait to see where I will be by the end of this retreat. Please keep all the seminarians this week in your prayers. 

Until later, God Bless, and keep all seminarians in your prayers each day. 

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  1. NO WE WILL NOT KEEP ALL seminarians in our prayers to continue on their journey in the priesthood. There simply is no sacerdotal priesthood even MENTIONED in the New Testament, so they are ALL...and I do mean ALL...wasting their time.
    Catholicism is counterfeit Christianity and you are completely deceived, believing in "another jesus and another gospel" per 2 Cor 11:4, which will never save you. For example, Boniface VIII proclaimed (circa 1300) that it was, "altogether necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff".
    Face it: THAT IS A LIE. You can jump up and down, stand on your head in Macy's window and scream to the moon until you're blue in the face trying to convince us, but it will never be true. Salvation is believing in the merits of Christ alone, period, end of story.
    Indeed, Catholicism is a viperous theology that has bitten its members for far too long. Only the anti-venom of Scripture can cure her ills. But she refuses to take the antidote. We are flabbergasted that the laity refuse to wake up out of their spiritual coma and prefer to be lulled to sleep by all of the RCC's unbiblical doctrines! Let's take another example. The RCC has abrogated the original command to partake of BOTH bread and wine, and instead teach Jesus would be pleased we take either one!
    WHAT?! NO WAY.
    They even teach that the Savior never even OBLIGATED us to consume both elements. Listen to the madness of the Council of Trent: "This holy synod, taught by the Holy Spirit...declares that lay people...are not obliged by any divine command to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist under both kinds, and that it can in no way be doubted without injury to faith that Communion under either kind is sufficient to them for salvation. For although Christ the Lord at his last supper instituted this sacrament with the form of bread and wine...nevertheless that institution and tradition do not aim at this, that all believers in Christ are bound by the commandment of the Lord to receive both kinds. Neither is it rightly concluded [from the Last Supper or] from the discourse in John 6...that Communion under both kinds is commanded by the Lord” (“Concerning Communion Under Both Kinds”, ch 1).
    To be sure, these are not the words of those under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but rather of MAD SCIENTISTS on the verge of an explosion in the laboratory. They have completely reversed and thrown under the bus our marching orders to partake of BOTH bread and wine, so it is inconceivable they have been divinely commissioned by Jesus Christ to break his own commandments! The Lord said the Scriptures cannot be broken (John 10:35), but the Council of Trent has indeed done just that! No reasons whatsoever, no matter how pious they may sound, can justify mutilating the Lord’s Supper down to the choice of either bread OR wine. Jesus did not give us that option! Consequently, since the magisterium is obviously of the devil, the belief that the Messiah was speaking LITERALLY in John 6 and the Last Supper (as it regards eating his flesh) cannot possibly be true. Instead, all the biblical evidence proves he was speaking metaphorically in those places, and oh....should you deny it, I dare you to invite me to debate the issue.