Friday, September 20, 2013



    This past week has been one that was filled with many pauses in my life. Many step back and take in what is going on in front and around me. Looking back at the week and the “pauses” makes me see more clearly a life of desire, not just for myself but for so many others as well. We truly are not a lone on this spiritual journey and deepening of our lives in our God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Faith and the Church. 

      The week started with attending Matthew Kelly on Saturday. Seeing over 900 others come and hear him speak was amazing. It says to me and I hope the Church as well that there is such a yearning for the truth and love of the faith. People are looking for more and are working for it. Each person there was raising their hand in unity for more of what the church can offer. That deeper connection for themselves. There was one person that stood out for me and started that first pause of my week. He was a young adult in his early 20’s and was in a wheelchair. I can not speak for certain but he may have had Cerebral Palsy. It was not a pause of sympathy or sadness for him but for clarity and respect. I did tear up because I felt that I saw a true pure faith that passed before me. A pure heart that is seeking more for himself. As the day went on I would look at him from time to time and just smile to myself because I saw a joy that I never seen before. Yes, there was so much more from that day and I will discuss in other blogs but this pause will forever be remembered. 

      The other major pause for me came on Tuesday night when I was helping with checking in people for the Bible Study at my church. There was over 160 people that signed up for the Bible Study. I have never seen or even heard of this before for a parish. Just hearing the number I would have paused but when you see more and more people coming in and gathering their materials and settling in seats it is amazing. I thought, as I watched this, of the multiplying of the loaves and fishes and how that had to be amazing to see. I am not saying this was a miracle like that but in this day and age it for sure is a Faith Moment to see. The eagerness they came in with and turning the pages in the books to see what was coming was inspirational. Some say that the faith is dying but I disagree. There is a “New Dawn” coming in the church and I pause to watch that sun come up and cast out those who say it is ending. 

     There were other pauses for me this week but those two stood out the most and had the most impact on me. We all need to take those pauses and see what is going on. See God’s Hand in the events that go on before us. See how the connections we make and watch are part of this great mission of our lives. See the healing touch of the Faith that heals the sick and makes all things possible. Embrace those pauses and look for them. There is nothing like them. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may you be able to pause so you can take in the whole picture. 

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