Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Truth / Lie

Truth / Lie

   How can the bible hurt us? That is not a simple answer. How can the Word of God hurt us? That is not what He wants, to hurt us. But the reality is that sometimes truth does hurt. Not because it is bad for us but it forces us to see what the reality of the situation really is. Sometimes that reality puts our lives into a new direction and with that leaving behind things and people we care about. 

     I know for myself the “Truths” of the bible and the faith has hurt at times because I had to face my own sins. I had to look at people in my life and question if their presence in my life adds to or takes me away from God. Facing those people and realizing that a distance had to be put into place did hurt. It is not easy to say that yes I care about you but I just can not do this, or go there with you anymore. Sometimes people understand and other times they do not and things come to an end. Saying goodbye so you can lead that “truth” you need to is hard but for your own salvation you have to do it. 

    The truth in the bible can make us change direction in our lives. That direction can pull us from sin and lead to a holy life. Yes, that sounds great so why does that hurt? It does not always hurt but it can until you are fully away from those sins or that life of sin. It hurts when you realize the damage that has happened in your life and how that hurt can transcend into a new life. 

    This kind of hurt will not last for eternity but without that hurt, eternity can be spent in that never ending hurt of being away from God. We have to decide and understand sometimes a hurt is for a great awakening and a spiritual growth. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may the truth forever be held in your heart and soul. 

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