Tuesday, October 1, 2013



    What does Catholic mean to you? Have you ever really sat down and thought about it? I feel that it is something we all need to do from time to time. To really ask ourselves the question of what it means and then ask yourself is that what I am portraying to the world. 

   We know that the word catholic means, “Universal”. For me there is one word that sums up what I believe and that is truth. There is nothing else out in the world that embodies the meaning of truth more then the Catholic faith. It is what I try, the best I can, to apply to my daily life. I do fall short at times but it is by the graces of the Catholic Faith that I am able to return and get back up and try again. Catholic is the essence of a Life that is unending and unyielding. It gives strength and raises our Mind, Heart and Soul to a higher elevation. It stirs the Holy Spirit within us. It keeps the path straight before us. It saves us from damnation. It lights the way. It offers us the peace that the world can not. It is love. It is caring. It is the breath of life. It is the turner of directions in life. It is an unstoppable force. It is strength. It is healing. It is life giving. It is uplifting. It is prayer. It is the embodiment of Jesus. It is God’s hand reaching out. It is the fire of the Holy Spirit. It is everything to me.

   I can go on and on about what Catholic means to me but the simplest answer for me is like I said and that is “Truth”. What does it mean to you? Remember what it means to you when life is hard and you find yourself wondering what it all means. I would even say write it all down and keep that list close by so you can read it and remember what it means. Cause, sometimes in life we all get off the path and need to remember what it is all about. I know for me now, it is what I hold on to. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may we all remember what “Catholic” means to us. 

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