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Goliaths View of His Battle.

Goliaths View of His Battle. 

        To read the full story : David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17

    We all know the story of David and Goliath. David, the under dog, beats the Giant Goliath and leads the victory. We look at the story as how we can overcome all those things that appear bigger then us. The story gives us hope, strength, power and a reminder that no matter how big something is that we can conquer it as long as we have God by our side. This shows the power that we have with God but I want to look at this from a different side. Goliath’s side. 

      Lets first look at Goliath. He seems like he has it all going for him. Top man in the military. The go to guy. The guy that will get it done. So, he has fame and all things that go along with it. All seems good from his point of view. Yet, he is about to not only lose all that but his life as well to this young and small man named David. He didn’t see it coming nor did those around him. What looks like a simple battle, an easily won battle, turns into a death sentence for him.  We give credit to all the things we can learn from David but lets look at what we can learn from Goliath. 


  1. Never underestimate a small problem. 

        Goliath looks at David as just a small step to get passed. How many times have we been able to conquer these big problems in our lives but the small ones are the ones that we get caught up on and not to be able to get passed. These small things can take a toll on us because we do not take them seriously. Small sins can lead us to a spiritual death just as large sins can. The difference is that the larger sin we see more clearly and can not dismiss it. For example lets take a glass full of water and in this analogy the  water is grace. Now lets take a rock (larger sin) and drop it in the glass. We not only hear the splash but feel the glass shake a little and then also see the water splash all over. Yet, if we take a pebble (small sin) and drop it in. We do not really hear it drop in. Nor does the glass shake. The water will just trickle out. Yet when we keep dropping the pebbles in the glass, the water (grace) will continue to flow out and what will be left will be a small amount. We have to face each sin, not as small or large, but just as sin. A sin is a sin is a sin. No matter what size. It still does damage. As Catholics our greatest weapon against sin is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  I speak to myself as well here. I need to use this weapon to continue on a path of Holiness and Grace. 

     2.  Don’t let past victories cloud your judgement. 

          Here was Goliath all built up over past victories and his ego got the better of him. Just because in the past you got through things or was able to ward off sin, it doesn’t mean that it will continue. We have to always be prepared in our lives to face what is before us and not expect our past to win it for us. We have to keep training and learning. Try adding new prayers. Try a different prayer style. Use the rosary. Meditate on the Saints. Read the Bible. Learn about the faith. Read the Catechism. Don’t expect a five min prayer time during the week to always work. Believe me I speak from experience. I expected what I did in the past to work for me and it failed and once it started to fail, I threw my hands up and said I am done. Don’t make it a routine all the time. I thought also if I do the same things over and over that will work and I will continue on but that is not always the case. Make the routine only that you take time for God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible, etc... When we keep the lid off the box we can pick each and everything thing we need vs keeping the lid on and not see what we are using. Example time... Each night you say the Rosary before bed. That is great but maybe instead you needed that time with Mary in the afternoon. Do not let it become only a night time prayer. Do not let it become a routine vs a prayer. In the past that might have been the best time for you. It does not always need to be the same. Add things, Take away things,... but I will say if you take away make sure something else is added. I do not find less prayer time beneficial. :) 

        3.  Do not let others only use you to fight their battles. 

           Goliath became the one army wonder. He always came through and fought those  because it was easy for him and people relied on that. They did not help him in his battles but figured he will always be victorious. We all are called to be prayer warriors and to act out the messages of the gospels. It is not one persons job more then another.  We also have to ask others for their prayers to help us. This is hard for me. I am one to say, “who needs prayers” and yet when I am asked I say I am ok. I realize more now then ever that I need others prayers to help guide me in the direction of God’s Will. It is not a lose when others help us with our lives but a victory for all that are involved.  We also must see that just because someone seems to have it all together does not mean we shouldn’t help and keep them in our prayers or even ask if they need prayer. We can not just assume it is all ok because of what we see before us. Prayer is not a one man or woman show. We united in prayer each week at mass. We unite in prayer chains and groups. Ask Mary to intercede, as well as the Saints. We are blessed to have these advocates for us in Heaven. Ask them for help as well as those in your life. 

       4.   The mighty will eventually fall.

            Goliath was one of the best but as he found out there was still someone better. A favorite saying of mine is “High Horse”. I have a major problem with people who feel and think they are better then others. This is the “High Horse”. They ride in thinking they are better and look down on those who are below them looking up. They feel people should look up to them because they are better. It may not have been Goliath that put himself on that “High Horse”. Those around him could have done this as well for him. They could have boosted his ego and made him that way. They treated him as better, so he believed it as well. It is a sin by both. One made him like a God in their eyes and he took it and made it true for himself. The truth is we all are sinners and make mistakes. It is a reality that we have to apply not only to ourselves but others as well. When we put people on a “high horse” we do not expect them to fail or fall. Have you ever done this? I know I have. Society (us) places celebrities and politicians on these positions then when they fall, all that is left is hurt, anger and displeasure. The fingers start to point and they are blamed for all. Yet, it is us who put people there. What do we expect? People mess up. People nor life is perfect. The major problem is not the celebrities or politicians. The problem is what happens after the fall from that “high horse”.  The best example for this is a dark stain on the Catholic Church. It is not something I like to speak about but feel that this is the best example. The Sex scandal rocked many people and their faith. Before going on, I must say, that it was a disgrace how victims were treated and how lies ruined many peoples lives and faith. That being said, many people have placed Clergy and the Church on this “high horse” and when the scandal broke, they fell. Rightfully fallen I must add. People allowed this stain and fall as an excuse to leave the church, condemn all clergy, and use it as a platform for reform. Those who did wrong should face all legal and spiritual actions 100%. Yet, actions of some should never be construed as actions by all. We can not put anyone or any institution on a “high horse” because it will crush more when it falls. It is like an egg. If you drop it from an inch off the ground, it will crack some but if you drop it from the roof, then it will brake   completely leaving a mess. There is no one to blame but ourselves when we put people on a “high horse” and then react when they fall. Now, when a person puts themselves on that “high horse” then it is fully on them for the placement but they can only stay there if people buy into it.  We are all to be servants and not Kings. We are to serve, not to be served. It is painful when one falls from that “high horse” and also for those who place and kept one there. The best way is never do this because no one but Jesus can be the “High King”. 

      5.  Success is not everything.

        Goliath was very successful. He was a warrior since his youth. Think of all that came with this life, money, women, honor, etc.. Yet he lost. All of his success was just a list of victories but what is he known for? He is known for his loss. All his past victories didn’t make its way into history. Just a mention he was successful and then more detail only on the loss. He did not have that one thing that David did have and that was God. God backed David and David believe in his God and that his God would lead his nation into victory and not defeat from these people. God was not impressed by the actions of Goliath nor of the people that surrounded him. It meant nothing to God. The only thing that matters to God is your own personal relationship to Him and what you do to glorify His name. Thats all. It doesn’t matter how much money, fame, sex, homes, etc you have. It means nothing in the eyes of God. Success of this world does not transcend after you die. It is only our soul that is before God, not our bank accounts or our accolades. 

        There are lessons to be learned from both David and Goliath. With David we know the positives about staying steadfast with God and the Faith. We know how we must face our problems no matter how big they are. We know that our faith is a great shield against problems. We know that we can defeat anything with God by our side. These are all great things but lets also learn from Goliath and all the pitfalls that came from his life away from God. We can not underestimate sins in our lives no matter how big or small. Do not let our past dictate or cloud what we are facing today. Sometimes its a challenge for growth more then a past victory. Do not be afraid to ask for prayers and help in our journey to God. Remember Jesus could have done it by Himself, but chose people to help Him along the way. Do not let Pride get in your way of grace. Do not put yourself or others on a “high horse”. Eventually you or that person will fall off and the reality of your actions will be seen by all. Lastly, Don’t let success be your God. WIth God all things are possible. God doesn’t want us to fail but succeed in all things and that means with Him as well. There is more to life then what we have here. 

        I started this blog thinking it would be a simple lesson to talk about, but soon figured out there is always a greater message with God. I know there is more to be learned from this story and I will be posting more in the weeks ahead. Just because we know the story, doesn’t mean we got all the messages out of it. They say you can read the same verse and depending on where you are personally in your life, you may get something else from it then you did before. I hope that this little spin on an old but good story sparks a new way of thinking for you and helps in some way. I know that when I started to write this blog that this was not my initial intent but became a new way that I looked at this story. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may we always renew our lives before God. 

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  1. Good reflection. Never thought of looking at the story from the vantage point of Goliath. I especially liked the section on the pebble in the glass. I watched someone fall away from the Lord, not through any big sin, but through many little sins over a long period of time.