Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chasing the Reflection

Chasing the Reflection

    Tonight was the “Super Moon”, the fullest and closest the moon will be to the earth all year. The moon for me has always been a reminder of the reflection of Jesus’ during the dark part of life. That no matter how dark or how the world or problems may cover the moon, it still shines for us to give us light.  I wanted to get a picture of it but figured it would be raining but as I got home the rain stopped and the clouds started to diminish and the Moon started to show. I went in got my camera and out I went to get a picture of the moon. 

   It still amazes me how a lesson comes to me about life or God when I least expect it. The night started off for me to just get a picture but learned more from it. I headed out n the direction of the moon and soon realized that I was heading in the direction of St. Martha’s and thought great I can get a picture from the parking lot. Yet, as I took the pictures, the lights from the parking lot made the image of the moon glow around it due to the fog. At first I thought the picture was not great but as I focused more on it, I started to see how the light is going out and extending from the moon. It is allowing the light to shine more and then I realized I am in the parking lot of the Catholic Church. Just as the moon reflects the light from the sun in the heavens , the Church reflects the light of Jesus to us here on earth. From the Church, Jesus expresses and expands all that He is to His people. 

    I wanted to get the moon over the ocean so I got in my car and headed out to find a spot. As usual as I drove I turned down roads that had dead ends or took me further away from the moon and the water. Same as life at times. That as we search and follow that Light of Jesus, we may find a dead end and have to turn around and search for it again. Maybe the road we are on takes us further from Jesus then brings us closer. We have to stop and turn around and take the right turn to get closer to Him. I finally turned down the right road and there was the access to the beach and I started to take some pictures and a stranger started to talk to me saying how bright and brilliant the moon looked.  Then said to me “ Don’t you want to get out of the light of the street light and get some better pictures?” I just smiled and thought how here I am not wanting to go through the sand to get that better picture without that distortion of the street light. It was odd because at the church the light seemed to enhance the picture of the moon but this light made it harder to see, it was foggy, not clear. Here the light from the world, like the world itself can distort and make it foggy to follow Jesus and our Faith. The world can seem brighter and takes our focus off of God, Jesus and the Faith and turns us away. 

   After moving further down the beach and away from the “lights” of the world I was able to get some great pictures with the ocean reflecting the light back up and out to the rest of the beach. We are to do both those things as well. We are to reflect the love back to the Heavens and to the world around us. 

      When I started the night in search of the best shot of the moon, I followed and headed in the direction of the moon. No matter what road I took or turned down my focus was on the moon. Sometimes it seemed I was right on target but only to find that dead end sign, so I turned and again set my sight on that light I wanted to capture. That is how I want to be each day. To get on the road and search and stay focused on the Heavens and my Faith. The ride home was not as great because the moon was in back of me as I drove. There was none of that excitement and awe I had just hours before. It was that same feeling as a life without God, Jesus and the Faith was for me. You will never know what life could be if you do not turn your sight around and head to the reflection of the Son in the world. 

      The Catholic Church, those who fill the pews each week or day, The Pope, our Priests and Religious are to reflect all that Jesus was, is and will be in the world of darkness and sin. Look up each night as a reminder of what we are to do each and every day, a reflection of Heaven here on earth. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may us all reflect all that God has given to us back to Him and those of this world so they may come to know Him. 

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