Wednesday, May 22, 2013

God's Gift Cards?

God's Gift Cards?

“Gifts clear the way for people, winning access to the great.” ~ Proverbs 18:16

  How do you feel when you get a gift card? Are you excited or does it depend if it a gift card that can be used anywhere or a specific store? Do you feel the person did not put in the time to think or is it fine with you? Well, one thing for sure is that God never gives you a gift card, you get the gift/gifts that is meant just for you. 

    Tonight I was going to go through the gifts of the Holy Spirit but again to me I felt that if we do not touch upon the reason for them and how they are given to us as individuals not as a whole, the actual gifts will not have the same meaning. I am talking about not only the gifts of the Holy Spirit but also the talents we all have inside of us that God has placed there. 

     If God did give us a gift card that we could use how ever we wanted to get the gifts and talents we wanted how special would it really be? How many of us would choose to be great singers, great actors, great artists, etc...? What would be special about them anymore? Nothing really special about them because so many have them now. It would be unique to be that bad singer, actor or artist now. I know it sounds ridiculous but really think about that reality. A life with no unique talents or gifts. We would not be as special as we are to God or each other. It would be more of a cookie cutter world then the special one we live in now. 

     What are some of the gifts and talents that make you different from other people? Even to those in your own family? What makes you, you? Think and pray on them and think how it would be if you did not have what makes you special and different? 

     We need to explore and strengthen those gifts and talents we have within us. This also means that we need to share them so we can glorify God in the process. When we use and share our gifts we are expressing our sincere Thanks to God. It is like when someone gets you a sweater and you know you will be seeing them so you wear it so they know you like it and that you are thankful for the gift. It is the same with God’s gifts to us. 

      When we receive the gifts or talents we decide if we use them or not. We even decide if we even want to open them to see what they are. God will never force the gifts upon us or force us to use them. It must and will come from inside ourselves if we are to or not. Of course God wants us to but in the ultimate gift of free will that He gave us, leaves all those other gifts for us to open or not. It is in prayer where we can learn what those gifts and talents are and also by exploring our own interests. 

       I ask for all of us to search in ourselves and really ask if we are using all of our gifts and talents and if we are not, What is holding you back? Remember, God choose those just for you because He knows who you are and who you are going to be.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and do some unwrapping this week and see what you have inside you. 

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