Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

   The other day I saw this picture and I laughed and thought “ Oh, How true... My poor Guardian Angel”. I do not mean an ounce of disrespect but I always find these kinds of images as my faith in reality. Not the faith that Hallmark would produce in their cards. It is my personal living breathing reality faith that resides in me and comes from with in me. I also thought my Guardian Angel would be saying “ Did You have to give him all that free will, God?” 

      I really do feel that God and all those in Heaven have a sense of humor and with that must shake their heads and even laugh at the things we do down here on earth. I fully believe that we are watched over by angels and that they are there to help us and protect us but with that I also believe they must feel at times that they are dealing with the same issue with us over and over at times. I am looking back over my life and feel that my angel helped me out of many situations that, if left to myself, would have been a dangerous situation and would not have gotten out of it. How about yourself, have you had situations that you know you had some extra help? That your guardian angel was there and helped you in some way? 

      God knows each one of us and knows what we need. With what we need is that guide and protector , our Guardian Angel. I think our Angels are picked for us and some angels have an easier time then others. I would love to sit and have a conversation with my angel. To be able to hear what they see as they are by our sides all the time. They see all of our good and bad moments. They see what is heading towards us and keeps us from so many things that we do not even know about. I would like to know what they kept me safe from so maybe, just maybe, I would be better with my actions. In some way knowing what I missed, I would be more Thankful for all that God has done for me. To see our lives through the eyes of our Guardian Angel would , well for a lack of a better phrase, “ A real eye opener”. 

     With our eyes being opened to all those things that we are saved from, all those things that tempt us, all those snares of the devil, all the joys and graces, all the love and concern... etc .... But I guess that could hurt because we would be walking by sight and not by faith. We need to walk by faith and not by sight. The faith in us would be that of knowledge then coming from the depths of our souls. 

      I think I will be printing this picture and keeping it where I can see it and know that I have a guardian angel and without him/her my life would be a lot worse then I ever thought. God cared enough to protect us and to allow His angels to watch over us. Think about how your Guardian Angel has helped and save you from, well, yourself at times. What can you do to make your Angels job a bit easier today? I know after seeing this picture my spirits have been up because it reminded me to laugh at myself and not be so hard on myself with everything I have done. The idea that my angel could have done this makes me smile. It is not an ounce of disrespect by acknowledging my personal living breathing reality faith. 

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and remember to thank your Guardian Angel and smile today. 

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