Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Relationship with the Holy Spirit

My Relationship with the Holy Spirit

   Tonight I want to focus on my personal thoughts and experiences with and about the Holy Spirit. Normally I would first go into the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit but to me knowing the gifts will not help understand the Holy Spirit at all. It is when we use the gifts that is when we dive into that personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

     For me the Holy Spirit is that inner quake that shakes things up, brings things down, and rises up that burning sensation that sets my soul in that right direction. The Spirit is that whisper in the wind, that gentle touch, the inner stirring. The calling from the heavens. That gentle reminder of who I am and who I am to be each day. That force that quiets my mind and embraces my soul. The Spirit is my constant connection to God and Jesus. That never ending bond with Heaven.  

    I know it was the Holy Spirit that kept trying to pull me back to the life of God, Jesus, Church and Faith those years when I was away. It was that voice that would come from time to time and just a light whisper of who I used to be. It was never a judgmental whisper but that of hope. It is the same voice that continues now to guide me in the next chapter of my life. That new or even old vocation that I am being called and led to. I am not sure where the Spirit is leading me but I am finding many blessings and adventures on the way. 

     The Holy Spirit is and always has been that wind in my sail that moves me. Even when I was being stubborn and anchored myself to the ocean floor so I would not be moved by the spirit, I was still moved because the waves were strong and aided the spirit in moving me ever so slightly. Without the Holy Sprit I would not be back and living my life the way it is now. 

      It was not just on Pentecost that the Sprit sets us on fire but everyday. If we allow the spirit to move and work in us then we will be able to use the gifts and see the fruits of the Holy Spirit before us. Think of what the Holy Sprit has done and what the spirit is to you? How do you see the spirit working or guiding in your life? Seek the silence and see the Holy Spirit.

Until tomorrow, God Bless, and may the Holy Spirit live and work in you today and everyday. 

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