Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Decline or Accept"

"Decline or Accept"

    I saw this picture and I had to smile. Just imagine for a bit that God called you on your phone.... How would you react when you looked down at the phone and saw that it was God calling? Would you answer right away or let it go to voice mail? Would you decline the call right from the start? I must say that I think I would freeze for a second and let it sink in.  Here is the reality of it, God calls each of us every day. There is not a day that goes by that God doesn’t call us. 

     A call from God is not just to the religious life as many think of when they hear someone say “God’s Calling .......” There are many reasons why God calls us. Maybe it is for us to have a deeper relationship? Maybe it is for us to return to Him? Maybe it is for us to serve? Maybe it is to a mission? There can be a hundred more reasons that He would be calling You! 

     Yes, That’s right YOU! You are being called to do something more with this life that has been given to you. We are all asked to give more in this life. There is no exception to this rule. For each of us there are different calls to answer but the same goal in the end. To bring others to know the God that lives and reigns in us and for us. You may be asking yourself should I answer this? Why is He calling me? What does He want me to do? 

      Ok... So you hit accept and now you say “ummmm Hello...”  You hear God’s voice speak to you and it goes to your core and resides in your soul. There are times that His voice is very clear to you and you understand and then others where you strain to hear Him. In your head you may be thinking. “ Did God call the right number”, Is He sure about this? I don’t think I can do this? Sounds good to me. Where do I go from here”. We may ask all of these or just say “Ok, Let Your will be done”. God doesn’t call the wrong number. Believe me I have tried that excuse many times with Him. I would say “ That was meant for someone else”, and then I would even go as far as say who I thought it was for. God knows our gifts, talents, and what we have inside of us. He knows what we able to do and not do way before we do. That call. That message, That conversation, was meant for you and only you. 

    Now what? You are done talking and you exhale finally that breath that you held as you listened to God. Now, pray on what you heard and ask for clarity on what you didn’t hear or understand. Just because it is not clear, doesn’t mean that you get to ignore the call. You have to act on whatever you have been asked. It may be just a personal internal change or a change that takes you out into the world. Either way there are steps that need to be taken. The first step is always on your knees and pray. Pray for understanding, Pray for Guidance, Pray for the talents and the knowledge, Pray for the equipment you will need. You will receive all that you need to do and work. 

     Up until now this has been about you accepting the call, but what if you ignore and God leaves that message. You can ignore the call and even delete the message that is left. That is the gift of your free will. He will not force you to listen. But, I will say this and I speak with experience, God will keep calling you. He will not give up on you ever. No matter how many times you hit ignore. What if, you let the calls go to voice mail and He leaves a message for you? Well, very simple. He knows you will listen to it when you are ready. Again it is not forced. You have the power to listen when you are ready to hear the message.  I must say that I am still going through some of the messages He left for me. It is a good feeling to know that He never stop trying, caring or loving me. God will do the same for you as well. 

    Sometimes the call is not what we thought it would be about. It is not always a call to do or work on something but just that call to say Hello and I am thinking about you. He wants to talk to us each day to remind us that He loves and cares for each of us. That means YOU as well. I know for myself that was a hard concept at times and that He does want to just say Hello and talk and not require anything else but that. 

    God is calling You! He calls us all, all the time. Answer the call and see where it takes you. See what God has to offer you today and each new day that follows. 

Until tomorrow. God Bless, and answer the call, God is calling. 

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